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Classes & Workshops

Benefits of Taking Classes

• Attending classes provides motivation to continue signing each week, which increases the likelihood that you will be consistent in your efforts to use ASL with your child and thus reap the benefits.
• Parent Support: Having other parents to exchange information with and offer support can be helpful and build friendships and community.
• Having a qualified instructor to answer questions or demonstrate the correct way to do a sign can eliminate confusion and expand your signing skill.
• Having a regular occasion for quality face-to-face interaction with your child can become something you look forward to, a special family to-do!

Sign and Play Classes

Sing and Play classes are fun and engaging for parents and children alike.  American Sign Language is taught using songs, games and literature.  Each class teaches signs related to a theme.  


Class formats offered:

  • Lap sits for newborns and infants

  • Mommy/Daddy and Me for toddlers and preschoolers

  • Family or Club Classes for students in grades K-3

Private classes available.

See the calendar to search for a class or contact us to set up a class that fits your needs.


Your family free when you host a class for at least four other families.

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Parent Workshops

Parent Workshops address:

  • Benefits of signing with children who can hear
  • Benefits of signing across different age groups
  • When and how to get started signing
  • Learning new signs to get started

Workshops can be open to a general audience or tailored to fit special interests of a group.

Professional Development

Want to see the benefits of sign language in your classroom, school or child based business?

Professional Developments are customized to fit your setting or needs.

Professional Development may include:

  • Learning how to effectively incorporate sign into your practice

  • Benefits of signing with hearing children

  • Increase your ASL vocabulary.

  • Learning a curriculum that fits your environment and that you can implement when the training is complete.

For more information go to Educators page.